Mc Gorry

The Irish surname McGorry is an anglicized form of the Gaelic surname Mac Gothraidh. This name is derived from the old Norse personal name Gothfrith, and signifies „son of Gothfrith. The Old Norse personal name Gothfrith is often translated in English to Godfrey, meaning „God¼s Peace¾. The personal name Gothfrith was introduced to Ireland by the Norsemen, who settled in the north of Ireland in the ninth century. Taking one¼s surname from the personal name of the father was quite common in medieval Europe. This surname was passed down to succeeding generations in the same or in variant forms. In England the surname became Godfrey. The surnames Gohery and Godfrey became confused in Ireland; Godfrey is found extensively, while Gohery the rarer of the two, is mostly confined to Offaly and North Tipperary. Variants of the surname McGorry include MacGorry, MacGorrie, MacGoffrey, MacGoffrie, McGaffrey, McGurrey and Gorry.

The MacGothraidhs is a sept of the O Reillys in County Cavan, who were descendants of Raghallach. The O Reillys for centuries were the most powerful sept in Breffny. In Scotland, the MacGorry family is descended from Goraigh or Godfrey, youngest son of the good John of Isla, Lord of the Isles, who died in 1380. MacGoffrie in Ireland was entitled Chief of his Name, in a Fiant of 1591. relating to the Maguire country (Co., Fermanagh).

The surname McGorry and its variants are found in ships passenger lists of the mid-nineteen century. John McGorry and Mary McGurrey were Irish passengers who departed Liverpool aboard the Ellen-Maria in October, 1850 bound for New York. Daniel McGorry was aboard the Dewitt-Clinton¾ bound for New York in March, 1851.

BLAZON OF ARMS: Sable, a chevron between three mullets in chief and a lion rampant in base or,

CREST: An eagles head sable.

ORIGIN: Ireland