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Tom is one of the original members of the Tucson Apple Core (TAC)
and a former "Apple Ambassador" and Vice President of TMUG. He is currently the Editor of the TMUG monthly electronic newsletter "Tucson Mac".

I hope you will enjoy this collection of Mac Information

Welcome and Enjoy These MacIntosh Sites
Macintosh PricesMac User's Groups Apple ComputerMac E-zines
Great Mac LinksFavorite Mac Links
SimutekTucson Mac User's Group (TMUG) Apple ComputerMac AtticMacs OnlyThe iMac
U of AZ-Computer StoreArizona Mac User's Group (AMUG) OS X DownloadsMac WorldMacFixit Version Tracker
Compare Mac PricesBerkley, CA Mac User's Group (BMUG)Apple Store-Tucson Mac Observer Mac MaintenanceMac Surfers News
Used Mac PricesAtlanta Mac User's Group
OS X Resources Mac Life MacMinute Miscellaneous
Macintosh PricesChristian Mac User's GroupMac Marines Mac SurferMac OrchardMac News
Mac Shopping StoreSacramento Mac User's GroupApple Wizards MacIntouch MacDailyNews Mac Games
MacWarehouseSierra Mouse Trap UGOS X UpdatesEveryMac Mac GemsTucows
Club MacList of User GroupsOS X Leopard MacSenseMac NewsComputer Dictionary
The Mac ZoneNE UG LocatorAsk Dr. TechNexCompMacSimumNewsNo Wonder
Mac Mall Apple UG LocatoriPod-iTunesMac NewsMac Beginners Mac Insites

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